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Established in 1995

Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. was founded on March 9th, 1995 at Binghamton University. With over 4100+ sxsters and 25+ chapters, we are an Asian-interest (but not Asian exclusive) sorority founded on sxsterhood, service, and cultural diversity. 

Charlotte Associate Chapter was founded on November 11th, 2017 at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. We are one of 5 chapters in North Carolina and our sxsterhood is growing faster than ever.



A sorority is a social group that connects multiple individuals to a shared mission. Our sorority in particular connects us through our values. Since we are members of the Diversified Greek Council, we heavily emphasize cultural diversity in our Associate Chapter. We as sxsters of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. want to create a diversified space with a loving sxsterhood and heavy emphasis on community service.


We host recruitment events (Rush) twice an academic year during the Fall and Spring semesters. Come out to our Fall and Spring Rush events to learn more! All events are free and non-binding!


Hello Beautiful People (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)♡


My name is Alexis Louise Montemayor and welcome to the wonderful Associate Chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. at Charlotte.


We were Chartered on November 11th, 2017 by our 10 Cardiac Charters. They wanted to bring Kappa Phi Lambda to Charlotte because they believed that our campus needed an organization that reflected our values and pillars of Sxsterhood, Service, and Cultural Diversity. Ever since we chartered, our Associate Chapter has continued to pursue its goal of strengthening sxsterhood amongst womxn, giving back to our community, and educating our campus with our different cultural backgrounds. 


I was lucky enough to stumble upon Kappa Phi Lambda during the fall resource fair my freshman year. I decided to go to one of the recruitment events and when I walked in the room sxsters automatically made me feel welcomed. We bonded over our favorite coffee and boba drinks while also talking about what we were excited for in the upcoming school year. After the event, I knew Kappa Phi Lambda would be my forever home. Being part of this organization for two years, I can proudly say I found my home away from home. It is not just sxsterhood, but it is family. Whether it is studying in the library late at night together or going out for a quick meal, we are always there for each other. Being surrounded by my incredible sxsters helps me push to be a better person each day. They taught me to be more confident, be a leader, and overall be the best version of myself each day. 


While looking through our website, I hope you learn more about our organization and what it means to be a sxster of Kappa Phi Lambda. Thank you for taking the time and learning more about our Associate Chapter. If you are a student with an interest in Greek Life, welcome! I hope our website gives a glimpse of why you should join greek! Our Associate Chapter is growing every year and I am excited to see where we will go. I envision us to make a greater impact on our campus and our community. 


Wherever you are, you will always find a home with us at Kappas -`♡´-


With love, 

Charlotte Associate Chapter President 

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